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This seems... wrong

MSNBC has former DNC chair Howard Dean on as a guest right now to discuss... the Tiger Woods press conference? Whah?



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Feb. 19th, 2010 05:02 pm (UTC)
yeah... I sorta know what you are getting at (i think) today on a re-run of THE DAILY SHOW they made a joke about how some news agency contacted Cal Ripkin's wife to comment on the weather outside her window in Baltimore. At first i thought it was a totally fabricated joke, until they shown the snippet from a 'real' news broadcast where it actually happened.

Maybe, just maybe the news industry (if you can call it that) has realized that ANYONE can report on ANYTHING... No Experience needed... Or someone called in sick and they need the o-deck guy to get up there and provide (anything, Dean, say ANYTHING)

Having just anybody say something like an opinion about anything stirs controversy because lets face it, get me talking about something Im unfamiliar with... I can bullshit my way through it (probably) and maybe (probably) say something totally ridiculous.

Im kinda surprised Dean would place himself in a predicament like that. Maybe he is just as desperate to get out there in any form as the news is to have him.... Interesting though.
Feb. 20th, 2010 02:00 am (UTC)
Because Tiger has, according to himself and with the assent of the culture, a quasi-medical spiritual illness, an addiction, that he is working on with doctors/therapists, with a hope of cure. The symptoms of the addiction include, but are not limited to, having sex with some small percentage of the unnumbered women along your manifold paths as a famous handsome powerful guy who are ready and make it clear that they are ready. Used to be this was a sin; before that, well I don't remember, but it was just as common (or "epidemic") as now. I hope he gets better. I don't know what Doctor Dean will have to say about it.
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